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Public Search Tool: View Applications Submitted Online

Welcome to the State Water Board's Public Proposals Search Tool. Proposals submitted to the online loan and grant system (FAAST) are available to view and download. Please note that not every loan and grant program administered by the Division of Financial Assistance currently uses FAAST as its method of application submittal.

Applications submitted prior to the August 2004 release of FAAST are now available with limited information! These previous RFPs include PRISM Pesticide, Proposition 13, and 2003 Consolidated Grants.

  • Proposals which have been submitted but were declined often contain missing data.
  • Searches for submitted proposals rely on the accuracy and completeness of the data provided by the applicant.
  • If an applicant left a legislative district number blank or entered an incorrect number, the proposal you are looking for will not show in these search results. In this case, you may want to broaden your search by selecting "All" from the assembly, senate or congressional district drop-down menu.

Click the button below to begin searching for proposals which have been submitted, or narrow your search to show only awarded proposals.